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Tzoim Gedalia

$8,100 Needed

Please help Masbia ensure that no one goes hungry this Tzoim Gedalia. Choose the part you wish to sponsor by clicking on the options below. You can choose the holiday meal you would like to sponsor and the location. $8,100 is a carefully calculated cost split between 3 cooked holiday meals out of our soup kitchens.

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Tzoim Gedalia Goal

Progress: 109%

Meal & Location-Specific Sponsorship

Choose a specific meal and location to direct your donation

Tzoim Gedalia meal

אגרא דתעניתא

  • Masbia of Boro Park: $3,036 of $2,700 All Covered
  • Masbia of Flatbush: $2,884 of $2,700 All Covered
  • Masbia of Queens: $2,913 of $2,700 All Covered

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Rosh Hashanah

$36,036 raised, of $32,400

Fully Sponsored

Yom Kippur

$25,065 raised, of $24,300

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$112,806 raised, of $113,400


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Shimini Atzeres - Simchas Torah

$27,731 raised, of $32,400


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Tzoim Gedalia

$8,833 raised, of $8,100

Fully Sponsored

Shabbos Shuva

$16,434 raised, of $16,200

Fully Sponsored





Progress: 94%

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